The New Ultraviolet Vanish p/k/a The NUV (pronounced "noov") is an Italian alt-punk rock band that was heavily-influenced by writer Anthony Burgess' dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange.

The band was originally conceived as the New Ultra Violence, a term used by Burgess to describe unprovoked, brutally violent acts committed for mere entertainment. Politically incorrect by design, the NUV similarly make no pretense to be anything other than a kick ass rock band bent on having fun.

Hailing from Milan, Italy, the New Ultraviolet Vanish, which consists of lead singer/guitarist Demis Tripodi, vocalist/guitarist Leonardo Sergun, bassist Dante Brin, and drummer Andrea Caristo, has drawn comparisons to the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Sex Pistols, and Velvet Underground.

The band has criss-crossed the Atlantic honing their skills as musicians; first re-locating to Montreal, Quebec, where they tinkered with the line-up and learned to sing in English, then returning to Europe to record and tour in support of their no-holds-barred debut album Top Model Super Fashion.

Contact Information:

Francesco Foti
Booking/Media (Europe)
P: +39 329 - 1522449

Woody Fuller
Booking/Media (North America)
Heard Ent. | Agent
C: 240-277-8598

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"Smooth, well-recorded, and calibrated... recalling at once the feisty and energetic rock best of Dave Grohl. Top Model Super Fashion knows how to be noticed." ~ S. de Traumnovelle

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"Ultra-entertaining little interview done with the voice of the band Demis Tripodi about their name, musical journey, future plans and a bit of tittle-tattle about society. " ~ Gökçe Çiçek

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"I just can’t wait to see how they handle themselves LIVE, when we separate the boys from the men. I get the feeling they can bring it. " ~ Woody Fuller

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"If you’re a fan of hard rock, punk rock, or any rock, you will enjoy Top Model Super Fashion by The NUV. Check it out if you are seeking something that will be pleasing to the ears, but different from the typical mainstream sounds that are polluting the airwaves these days." ~ Ryo Vie

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"The album is good. It's fun. It sounds great driving down the highway at speeds well above the posted limit. The music has nods to Queens of the Stone Age and Homme’s other band, Eagles of Death Metal, along with Foo Fighters, Electric Six and just a hint of Smashing Pumpkins." ~ John Piedrahita

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"Top Model Super Fashion is an interesting album ... It's easy to get into, catchy enough to make you sing the songs you've just heard all day, and definitely qualifies for a spin. Make no mistake, if it sucked I wouldn't boggle for a second to say bugger off, man. And they're good looking enough to make you keep it in mind also, ladies." ~ Gökçe Çiçek

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"Akin to Jets’ "Get Born”, Top Model Super Fashion’s youthful flair and rough guitar riffs revive the distant 90s in a way Kurt Cobain would be proud of." ~ Victoria Canning